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I turned a corner in the gallery and saw Aquatic II. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The brown strokes are like a mountain sloping into a blue ocean, immediately bringing to mind the mountains along the Northern California coastline, a place I often imagine when I meditate or need to calm myself to sleep. The long strokes of deep blues and greens and the splash of white remind me of the first time I saw the gigantic waves of the Banzai Pipeline crashing toward the beach on the north shore of Oahu, a surfer’s paradise. I then began to debate with myself whether the brown strokes look more like the mountains along the ocean in Northern California during the summer when the green fades to brown or more like the volcanic mountains of the Pacific islands as they slope into the sea, but the answer doesn’t matter. The images in my mind and the colors make me feel like “home,” and the texture of the encaustic medium brings it all to life. Like a Rorschach test, we each see something different from others in an abstract work. For me and Aquatic II, it was love at first sight.

Susan Butler
Sarasota, Florida